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Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
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About Us & Our Evolution

The Beginning
IndiaMART TrustSeal BOMBAY MOTOR STORE was established in 1968 by our predecessors, as an importer of automobile spare parts. At that time, India, with very limited Manufacturing Base in the Automotive Segments, was mainly serviced by European and American Companies, leading to expensive replacement parts to Indian Vehicle Owners.
The Breakthrough into Manufacturing
In early seventies, in order to provide cost-effective products to the Customers, BMS decided to enter into Manufacturing activity & engaged a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers to manage selected manufacturing units to achieve increased productivity & quality. Thus, BMS started indigenously manufacturing replacement / aftermarket parts applicable to vehicles which were then running on the Indian roads. This diversification into Manufacturing activity started with precision parts like Carburettor Jets, Needles, floats etc for European & American vehicles like Austin, Morris, Mercedes Benz, Opel, Dodge etc. and gradually expanded to other Parts used in Engine, Gear Box, Steering & Suspension. Since then, BMS has gained critical acclaim for its very Fine Workmanship in the Indian Aftermarket market for all types of vehicles, including four wheelers, cross country vehicles, light-medium-heavy commercial vehicles plus tractors & farm equipments & Off Highway Equipments, thereby becoming a one-stop-shop for genuine Replacement Parts.
Japanese Invation
During the 1980s, the Indian Automobile Industry saw the invasion by Japanese Technology. Needless to mention, this brought prominent players like Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Suzuki / Maruti in the Indian field. This change of scenario resulted in demand for a new kind of technically advanced Automobile Spare parts. BMS successfully capitalised on this opportunity by keeping a Keen eye on the market requirements / Developments & Acting fast with Detailed Research on Customer Needs. This gave us a massive lead & were regarded as a Reliable Source in the Indian Market for technically advanced Automotive Spares.
Evolution of A Professional Engineering Company
Extensive Experience in the manufacturing of components for automotive industry, which is a cluster of various Processing & manufacturing industries , has gradually Transformed BMS into a Professional Engineering company, with expertise in DIVERSIFIED fields, especially in the areas of processing ferrous / non-ferrous metals and Polymers like Rubbers & Plastics.
World Class Product
Impressed by our quality products, many leading Indian Exporters of Industrial, Engineering, Electrical & Automotive Segments tied up with BMS for their sourcing of International requirements, as BMS by now, had become an ultimate sourcing destination for Design/Development & Production of Components.
Going Global
India, by the late nineties, was emerging as an Ideal Out-sourcing ally in the International Scenario. Promotion thru’ Internet, took us to the Door-steps of Global Automotive & Engineering Concerns of various segments, who were looking for Professional Indian vendor-suppliers having a keen eye on Quality Manufacturing & Sourcing competence. Exposure to such highly developed global markets, challenged us with new opportunities. With liberal trade policy of the Indian government, that assisted exporters, we were privileged to meet all challenges by enhancing our proficiencies and producing even better quality products.
Developing Non-Ferrous [Copper / Brass] Components / Assemblies for Auto-Electrical applications, enhanced our knowledge of the Electrical functionalities & gave an edge in the Field of Copper Parts Manufacturing. that resulted in tie ups with various global clients from the Electrical Arena. Servicing these reputed OEM brand Owner Electrical clientele in Europe, USA, New Zealand & Australia (especially Power Transmission & Marine Electricals) -, we have mastered the Art of various Processing Technologies to produce Copper Components.
Exports of Parts for Indian Vehicles
Over the past several years, expansion of the Indian Automotive Industries resulted in substantial Exports of Indian Vehicles like Tata & Maruti-Suzuki to many Asian, African & European Countries / USA etc. This generated International After market in these countries for Replacement Parts of Exported Indian Vehicles. Due to our International marketing thru the Internet, New Clients floated enquiries & RFQs to us. Our Long-Standing Experience in Automotive Parts Trading & Manufacturing enabled us to convert these RFQs into successful Business deals & widen our International Customer base.
Summing Up
Satisfactory Sourcing Service to Clients, has earned BMS a reputation as a Trusted Exporter Trader of Automotive Parts for Indian Vehicles. Simultaneously , manufacturing of Value Engineered cost-effective Components, based on Design/Development & Production for quality demanding Industrial, Engineering, Electrical & Automotive Segments had led to satisfied Customers around the world.

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