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Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
Bombay Motor Store
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Engineering & Quality Manufacturing at BMS

Copper Part Manufacturing at BMS
We are Contract-Manufacturers of Custom-Built Components for Industrial, Engineering, Electrical & Automotive sectors with specialization in Design / Development & Production as per Clients' Specifications.

Our wide spectrum of activities includes Forgings, Castings, Sheet Metal Working, Fabrication, Specialty Welding and Precision Machining of Ferrous & Non Ferrous Components plus Springs, Bimetal & Sintered Bearings / Bushes, Rubber & Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts & Plastics in various polymers.

Copper & Brass Components like Contacts, Buss Bars, Connectors, Clips Fasteners etc for Electrical Applications is our Specialty.

Our Professional Systems & Procedures of Design, Development, & Manufacturing to ensure Cost Effective Quality Products are …….

Our Engineers
Our technical team consists of highly experienced and qualified engineers with expertise in most fields of engineering. Our team’s core competency is Design, R & D & Reverse Engineering.
Association of Advanced Manufacturing Units
Our manufacturing team consists of various Associated Manufacturing Units, each specializing in a specific field of production Activity. These Manufacturing units are generally ISO 9000 accredited with state of Art Infra-structure.
Technical Management by Qualified Engineers
Our engineering team manages our associated manufacturing units for Product Development & Manufacturing process starting from raw material procurement up to the finished product stage.
Consulting Technical Experts & Laboratories
To enhance our proficiencies, as required, we utilize specialized services and laboratories of consulting expert technologists in various areas like Chemical, Polymer, Metallurgical and Metal Processing (like Forging, Casting, Forming etc).
Assisting Clients in Design, Development & R&D
  • Based on given Customer Specifications, we Design & Develop the products / components.
  • Our Expert Engineers also provide the following additional Engineering Services to our clients
    • Assistance in carrying out Design Activities / Design Up-gradation on their behalf, with all necessary Secrecy Clauses observed by us.
    • Reverse Engineering Services to achieve Clients’ desired results & end products.
Synchronizing with Clients Design Requirements
On accepting a project, our first phase is to initiate a review of customer requirements by understanding the drawings, data & documents provided. Thereafter, we iron out all discrepancies through a dialogue with the client’s engineers/designers, so that the product development & manufacturing can then proceed without hindrances.
Utilising Advanced Technologies
In case of new developments and reverse engineering, we use 2D and 3D Software as required, to generate technical specifications and drawings, thus ensuring accuracy in design and development followed by streamlined manufacturing process.
Modernised Tool Manufacturing
Die & Tool making is done by the use of advanced equipments like CNC controlled spark erosion and wire cutting machines for achieving precision.
Sampling & First Article Reports for New Developments
For New developments, we submit Samples with First Article reports, for product approval by the client that includes documents like Final Inspection Reports with Numbered Drawings, Material test certificates and other certifications as desired by the clients.
Controlled Manufacturing & Quality Assurance
  • Documented procedures are prepared by our engineers, wherein every element of the process are detailed so that, the work force with basic intelligence, can perform to give quality products by proper adherence of the process. (Not by inspection and segregation).
  • Our engineers are on site to train & manage our associated manufacturing units’ work force at every stage, ensuring all our documented procedures are adhered to, the desired process control charts filled up etc.
  • We use PERT / CPM planning charts to ensure that our targets are met.
  • For Large volume production, we use SQC/SPC methods to ensure that a high level of quality is produced without detailed inspection.
Systematic Documentation and Record Keeping
Our Systematic documentation and record keeping, in the rare case of any defect or failure, enables us to trace back and pin-point the root cause for taking appropriate permanent corrective actions.
Dispatches & Pre-delivery Inspection
To ensure conformance to Customer Specification, dispatch of our Production Batches are always supported with our Comprehensive Final Inspection Report (on Random Samples Basis) that includes documents like Dimensional Inspection Reports, Raw Material Test Certificates, Chemical, Physical & Metallurgical Reports as called for. Additionally, if desired, Pre-delivery Inspection by Third Party Agencies appointed by our clients can also be conducted.
Complaints Redressing & Remedies
We respond to complaints by finding the Root Cause and then apply Appropriate Irreversible Remedial Measures. After studying our processes and locating the cause, we provide a detailed “Investigation and Remedial Action” report to our clients for their approval.
Customised Packaging
  • We Provide Air-worthy Sea-worthy Packing for Transportation & ware-housing of the Finished Goods as per Customer Requirements.
  • Being total solutions Providers, we also offer cost effective Customized Packing services like:
    • “Customer Ready Packing” as per Clients’ Requirements with Clients labeling & Logo printed packaging, that is ready for distribution & direct delivery to the end user of our clients.
    • “Off the Shelf Packing” as per Clients’ Retailing Requirements with clients Brand name, that as “ready to be placed on retail Pick-up Rack /Shelf” for e.g. Vacuum Formed Display Packing etc.
    • Any other specialized packing as per Customer Specifications, inclusive of Private Brand Name Manufacturing.
To sum up Our Procedures & Core Competency
With our Expert Engineers managing our Associated Manufacturing Units we are able to produce a wide range of quality products. We surely have an advantage of Value Engineering, with a lean force we are able to keep our overheads low and maintain very competitive prices to deliver finish products of international quality standards.

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